Gear Patrol Names Alpen Reel Co. "The Gear You Need for 2018"

Alpen Reel Co. "The Fishing Gear You Need for 2018"


We started this small company because we believed it could be done better. Alpen Reel Co. makes quality fly reels in a direct to consumer model. So our quality is high, prices are low, and we give money from all sales to protect the public lands that we love. 

Alpen Reel Co. is recognized alongside the Orvis Helios 3, Patagonia waders, and others as "The Fishing Gear You Need for 2018". This shows that we are onto something. 

Our reels are built with machined aluminum, carbon fiber drag systems, and a unique design. We have always emphasized quality first, and our reels are built to show that. We also stand by a lifetime warranty that comes with all reels. From all of the reels that we have built and sold, we have never had one return or faulty reel. (While being used and abused catching Tarpon, Bonefish, Arctic Char, etc)  From our perspective, this is really cool to see something that we believe in getting this type of feedback from leaders in the fly fishing industry. 

We are a young company and have bootstrapped Alpen Reel Co. every step of the way, and will continue to do so. Because of this we will not have to depend on others who have invested in our business, but we will be able to continue to focus on our mission. To create the best reels on the market and make them accessible to all types of anglers. 


Thank you for all of your support!

-Hudson Magee, Co-Founder @ Alpen Reel Co. 

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