Why Buy From Us?

Alpen Reel Co.


Why Buy From Us

Considering upgrading your reel?

Alpen Reel Co. builds high-quality fly fishing reels with a focus on conservation. Here's why you should buy one...


Direct To Consumer

We use a direct to consumer business model which means you are able to buy our gear directly from us. Because of this, we are able to build better, higher quality reels at a price that most other companies can’t match. The quality of our reels can be compared to what you would find in the $400-$500 price range. 


Alpen Reel Co. was started to allow anglers to be more directly connected with conservation efforts. $5 from every reel sold goes directly to protect a specific fishing destination. Our first reel, The 'Stone, contributes $5 from each sale to directly protect the Yellowstone River and it's surrounding area. If you have been lucky enough to fish "The 'Stone" then you know why we have to protect it! 

Lifetime Warranty

All Alpen Reels are guaranteed for LIFE! You can rest assured when buying one of our reels that you are making a good decision. For $185, and a reel that is guaranteed for life, we are bringing the best value reel to the market.