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Introducing The 'Stone

The 'Stone is versatile, built to endure, and protects the Yellowstone River.


Alpen Reels | The 'Stone

The 'Stone | Ash
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The 'Stone | Ash
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The 'Stone | Navy
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The 'Stone | Navy
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$5 from every reel sold goes directly to protect the Greater Yellowstone area. 

We have partnered up with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition to make this happen. They use this money to...

  • Protect the Yellowstone River from industrial mining. 

  • Keep Greater Yellowstone's waters pristine and free-flowing

  • Restore and protect vital rivers, lakes and streams

  • Replenish wild, native fish populations. 

Three of America's critical river systems - The Missouri, Columbia, and Colorado - also have origins in Greater Yellowstone. 

We are passionate about protecting the waters and public lands that make our country such an incredible place. If you have been lucky enough to fish “The ‘Stone” then you know why we have to protect it!